Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Five Faves..

..about Valentine's Day:

1.  PINK.  Need I say more?

2. I love cards.  I know most people complain about Valentine's day being a "Hallmark holiday", but I am not creative when it comes to making up cute love poems or rhymes, so I find a lot of pleasure in choosing the perfect card for each occasion and person.  This can get me into trouble if I don't have unlimited time (which I rarely do anymore) because I will usually spend a ridiculous amount of time in the card isle.  But I look forward to giving and receiving (hint hint) a cute card just to say I love you.

3. Candy, chocolate and cupcakes.  Ok, maybe cupcakes aren't a Valentine's day staple, but I love them.  When I was pregnant I think I would eat at least 1 cupcake a week.  I realized keeping up with this diet post baby was a terrible idea.  I then realized that I had become addicted to sugar during my pregnancy.  So after the new year, I decided to cut out desserts completely.  I was planning on cheating if the Steelers won the Super Bowl by eating a celebration cake I bought.  However, they let me down and I only let myself have a bite.  SO, I am cheating on Valentine's day with a cupcake...or 2.

4. Dressing Charlotte up in pink, hearts and bows.  This is not very unusual, because I like to dress her like this everyday...but we can go overboard on heart day :)  And by Valentine's day, I also mean the week leading up to it with this one:

5. Taking a time out to remember how much I love my family <3  This will also mean extra cuddles for our little pup :)  Only a few more days! 

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