Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlotte Grace-5 Months Old!

This month has been the absolute most fun yet!  Charlotte is so happy, and curious, and has really become such a little explorer!  At 5 months old, Charlotte is now able to sit up with our help, and even rolled over for the first time this past weekend!  She can now roll over from front to back, but not very fast yet. She is becoming much more coordinated with her movements, and is able to grasp and pull toys to her mouth.  Everything goes into the mouth!!!  We have to make sure we are constantly sanitizing everything, because she will pick up a toy and immediately drop it on the floor.  Although she is very curious and loves exploring her toys, she is still not very interested in playing with them.  She would rather sit with Mommy or Daddy and explore us, and listen to us talk.  She loves people, and has become very aware of her surroundings.

Last month I mentioned that Charlotte was becoming wary of strangers (including her grandmas!).  This month she has seemed to have gained a little more confidence in new faces, and will even smile at people she does not know.  We have joined a playgroup, so she has been able to be more "social" and get used to seeing new faces, and babies around her age.  She usually sits back and takes it all in, but as soon as we get home she is a "chatterbox"!  That is one of the biggest changes this month...Charlotte loves to babble away at everything!  She is blowing bubbles, and I am really starting to hear lots of new sounds, "G", "B" and "oooh" are the main ones.  It amazed me to see her talk...and I wonder what she is trying to say?!

Sleeping is Charlotte's FAVORITE hobby.  No joke...this girl loves her sleep!  She must take after her Daddy.  She is still sleeping 12-13 hours through the night, and taking consistent naps during the day.  We are moving towards a good morning nap, and a good afternoon nap...because we are out more, and I am trying to stretch out her wake time.  She does get fussy if she is up too long, and once I put her down she is OUT.  So right now she is still taking about 3 naps a day. I'm guessing this is why she is so big--she sleeps all the time and is growing!

Charlotte is still nursing 5 times a day, and we have added in rice cereal this month.  Some days she has it twice a day (2 tablespoons) but usually just once.  Today she tried oatmeal for the first time, and i think she likes it more than rice cereal!  The first bite always brings a "yucky face" but then she gets used to it and starts to gobble it up.  We are working on keeping more in the mouth, and less on the bib--but it is a work in progress haha.  I have debated about trying her on solids, but i think we may wait a few more weeks and stick to the cereal for now.

Charlotte's favorite things (besides sleeping) are bath time, her activity mat, toy rings, her snoopy dog, and Mommy and Daddy.  We pulled out the activity center (exersaucer) this month, but she is still not so sure.  It doesn't help that her feet are no where near touching the ground, and she is so little in it still.  She gets frustrated because she can't get very close to most of the toys, and just ends up fussing most of the time.  We are still using the swing occasionally, but she gets pretty bored in there really quickly.  The activity mat is still her favorite!  She talks to her toys, and pulls at them, and kicks her legs back and forth.  We also brought the stroller out a few days last week when it was warm, and she loved it!  I can't wait until spring when we can walk everyday.

Charlotte is now wearing 6 month clothing!  I had to clean out her closet last week and put away most of the 0-3 and some 3-6 clothing.  She still fits in a lot of her 3-6 month stuff, but just barely.  She is wearing a size 3 diaper, and it looks like this size will (hopefully) last for a little while.
This age is my favorite so far, and we feel SO BLESSED everyday to have such a happy, fun, adorable, chubby, healthy and beautiful baby girl.  We love you sweet Charlotte Grace :)

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