Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ligonier Recap

This past weekend Andrew, Charlotte and I headed up to Ligonier to see Gramps and Granny.  As always it was a relaxing visit and we just love spending quality family time.  Here are a few shots of our very short visit:

Charlotte had an audience while eating her oatmeal.  She certainly was showing off for everyone!

Gramps with his favorite baby
Charlotte found this pasta box a million times more exciting than any toys we had.  She is very easily entertained!
Bath time!  Again, with a full audience...I'm not sure Charlotte knew what to think of everyone watching her every move!
Perfect night for a fire...we miss having a real fire in the winter time.
Granny's turn for playtime with Charlotte--by this time she was really warming up to Gramps and Granny. 
Our family. We don't have enough pictures with the three of us!

Every time we travel to Ligonier we come home refreshed and ready to begin another week.  Taking the time to visit Gramps and Granny brings us so much joy, and we are so happy they have been able to see Charlotte each month since she has been born.  We are very blessed to have family not too far away; Charlotte is one lucky girl to have amazing Great-Grandparents AND two sets of Grandparents who live just 10 mins away! It is nice for Andrew and I to have a little getaway--even if it is not too far from home.

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  1. CG is such a chunker... I seriously want to bite those rolls! SO CUTE!! Nelleah is thinning out now, shes getting a lot taller... Im not going to lie I miss the chub!! CG is beautiful!! I hope our girls can meet one day :) xoxoxo