Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Fashionista

I would have to say Charlotte is a very well dressed baby.  I will also say this, because I cannot take credit for it.  She has many people who love her very much who have helped her to become the baby fashionista she is!  The sad thing about baby clothes, is they are so darn cute, BUT, only last for a short period of time before the baby grows so incredibly fast, her wardrobe and I cannot keep up.  So here they are, my top baby fashions:

Trumpette Socks
Whoever invented these socks is a genius.  Not only are they adorable, and come in every color AND look like shoes...they stay on.  This is a problem I have run into with most baby socks...they fall off!  Especially now that Charlotte is more active, she just kicks those babies right off.  But for whatever reason, the Trumpette socks stay on really well.  I think it helps that they come up a little higher.  We love these, and at the rate Charlotte's feet are growing, she will be wearing them for years--haha.

Baby Cardigans

Baby cardigans have to be the cutest thing ever.  Specifically, Hartstrings makes the most adorable infant sweaters (and clothes) and if you have an outlet store nearby they sell them for 75-80% off!  Charlotte's Mimi introduced us to these sweaters, and she has worn them for months.  We especially love to wear baby cardigans to church--warm and stylish!

Peter Pan Collars

I have always loved peter pan colors for myself, but the look of them on a baby is just precious!  For awhile, Charlotte's cute little chin has been sort of..ahem...hiding them...but when she was itty bitty (like in the above picture--yes, that is itty bitty compared to now!) they were adorable!  I love that peter pan collars are made on onesies too, how do they come up with this stuff?!

Bows and Headbands

If you have been reading this blog, or you know Charlotte and I--you know I love a bow on a baby girl.  Growing up, I was in love with bows.  My mom used to make them, and for the 3rd grade Science invention was in fact: a bow holder.  Yep, for the science fair.  It's a wonder how I actually got through math and science!  So of course, now that I have my own sweet girl she is wearing lots and lots of bows.  There is definitely a bow for every outfit...and as long as I am in charge of her wardrobe--keep em coming!

Infant Gowns

I have to admit, I love newborn gowns...there is something so sweet about them...but we really haven't had Charlotte in too many since this picture was taken (on the day she came home from the hospital).  I wonder if she were tiny in a warmer season if we would have dressed her in them more often, but I do still love newborn gowns.  She has been wearing them to bed lately when it has been warmer, and Andrew and I call her a little "squirm-worm"--she looks adorable!  Nightgowns will have to be a wardrobe staple of the future toddler sized CG. (and I still cannot believe how incredibly tiny our little chub was only 5.5 months ago)

So there you have it, my top 5 faves!  What are some of your favorite baby "fashions"?

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  1. Sharon ThornburghMarch 9, 2011 at 11:34 PM

    WELL~~as YOU all KNOW~~I LOVE to SHOP~~BUT now MOSTLY for Charlotte!! and YES Hartstrings is by FAR the BEST quality clothes~hold up in the MANY wash loads they end up in~always look new and just sooo darn CUTE!!
    My favorite are definitly smocked baby clothes~hard to find~~and my new fav for Charlotte are the cute "leggings" we find~inexpensive and can be worn under a dress if she has outgrown it like tights with a tunic!!
    Lets face it ~~ALL the baby fashion is FABULOUS and yes~~those maryjane shoe/socks are by far the BEST "new" addition to a babies wardrobe ~for GIRLS that is!!