Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time Out

I think it is so important to remember and acknowledge what our world is going through right now.  The people of Japan have and are enduring one of the most tragic natural disasters of our time, and it would be wrong of me to not say anything about the subject.  I thought about many things I could say, words of encouragement, a prayer, or a simple "we are thinking of you."  While browsing other blogs today I came across these words:


"...It occurred to me after putting this post together that there are so many people in Japan right now suffering in such terrible conditions (among many other places in the world). I certainly realize that I live a charmed life and I truly don't take that for granted. My heart goes out to every single mother in Japan at this moment who is struggling to keep her babies safe, and warm and fed. A mother's instinct to protect and nurture comes as natural as breathing and I can only fearfully imagine what it must be like to have my world shattered by a natural disaster like that. I am praying for all the mothers (and fathers) in Japan on this day who are working to rebuild their lives and find a safe place for their children to sleep."

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I couldn't have said it better myself.  Prayers and thoughts go out to all those whose lives have been effected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

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