Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend started out with a surprise from Andrew on Friday, who came home early!  We were so happy to see him--(even though Charlotte looks less than thrilled in the picture below, she was very excited!). 

Charlotte's new favorite thing is the TV--and screens in general.  It is a great way to help her push up during tummy time.  She is not so into her toys on her play mat anymore.  She seems to get frustrated because she can't figure out how to pull them to her mouth...poor baby!

Saturday night we watched the Steelers beat the Ravens!!!!  The game was very exciting, and Charlotte slept through the whole thing at my parents house.  On Sunday Andrew and I went to church while Pop-Pop (my dad) babysat for the first time!  Charlotte is recently not too sure of anyone but her Mommy and Daddy, but she was very well behaved and warmed up to him by the end.  We were able to check out the nursery at church, and are excited to have CG try it out next time we are there. It will probably be more traumatic for me than anyone else haha.  After church we had a lazy Sunday--with a little girl time watching the Golden Globes.

  Charlotte just loves cuddling with her Daddy!  I hope everyone had a great weekend...Go Steelers!

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