Monday, January 24, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend

This past weekend was filled with family, football and good food.  Friday evening we went to Andrew's parents for dinner and Charlotte was in a great mood and talked throughout most of the delicious dinner.  On Saturday we all took a trip up to Ligonier to visit my Gramps and Granny.  We just love visiting them, taking in the beautiful scenery and having a chance to relax and get out of town for a few days.  On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's.  Where have I been?!  This was my first time shopping there, and everything we purchased was amazing.  I am now addicted to their Mild Chunky Salsa and Mini Crabcake appetizer. Of course we were home in time last night to catch the big Steeler/Jets game...and as most of you know we are now on our way to the Superbowl in two weeks!  Hard to believe!

Before dinner Friday night--Mommy/daughter picture in pink!

Charlotte's #1 fan: Gramps!  She was not too sure of him this weekend, getting nervous about "new" people.

Gramps playing with Charlotte

Sunday Church outfit--we went to Gramps and Granny's church in Ligonier, and Charlotte slept on the pew the whole time!  Why didn't we think of this before??  Next week she will try out the nursery at our church.

Mother/daughter after church

Go Steelers!

I realized we didn't take any family pictures, or pictures with Andrew...but he was there this weekend too!  Usually it is the other way around, and I "forget" to get pictures of Charlotte with me.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, it's going to be exciting gearing up for the big game next weekend :)

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