Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Color Purple

Charlotte and I accidentally match today.  I know that sounds weird, considering I pick out her clothes (haha) but originally I was wearing a pink shirt.  After dressing CG in a cute purple and white outfit, she decided she didn't like her breakfast and gave it back to me...

So I pulled a random shirt out of drawer, and it just happened to be purple.  A little color to add to this gloomy day!

As you can probably tell...this is sans make-up.  I don't even think it was 9am yet.  Charlotte was totally over the pictures at this point (I attempted about 7 before this).

Smiling for the camera does NOT happen anymore.  But still so cute. :)


  1. It was a purple day; I wore purple too! However, I was not anywhere as cute as the two of you. I can't believe that you bother with make-up as you are so beautiful without it.

    I posted a comment about the baby eqipment and I am sure that the site said that it was published but now it is missing. Strange.

  2. Patty, I did see that comment about the baby equipment. I edited the post last night, and for whatever reason the comment was deleted somehow :( Not sure what happened...but thank you for all the comments!! And I'm sure you looked beautiful in purple, it is a great color for you!

  3. you look gorgeous and so does she :)

    and i love the little bumbo seat- i want one!!!